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Flip cover samsung s4 mini 18 iPhone Hidden Features You Need to Know cover impermeabile iphone 7 pl-min in the box cover iphone 5s-ypdjfs

18 iPhone custodia cover huawei y5 2019 Hidden Features You Need to Know

Despite being an apt user of the iPhone, cover samsung galaxy j5 a libro you probably do not know your iPhone hidden features. iPhone is a treasure trove of features cover samsung galaxy a5 2016 galassia that could make surfing through it easier and faster. Going through the manual might help you find some of them out but doing that can be quite tiring and annoying.

However, custodia spigen samsung a5 2016 with a few tips and tricks, you can get your iPhone and cell phone amazon cover samsung s 8 accessories investment worth without giving yourself the additional headache of custodia samsung j5 2016 a libro going through a long way. Therefore, we’ve summoned 18 of the best iPhone hidden features that could make operating your iPhone a lot easier.

iPhone hidden features were when you custodia huawei mate 20 lite per tablet samsung t585 were typing. You can quickly turn your keyboard into a trackpad by holding on to a key on the keyboard. Activating a trackpad that allows you edit or view any word you want to while keeping the letters on the keyboard away.

Replace Calls with Automatic Texts

This comes in handy when on the road or when you bershka cover iphone are not in a position to take your calls. Your messaging app has a bucket load of texts that could be useful in responding to your calls. You have to tap the “Message” button above the “Slide to Answer” notification that pops up on your screen when a call comes through. This button gives you a list of text options to choose from.

You cover samsung note 8 clear view can also customize the text options such that a text option of your choice gets listed whenever you need to respond with a text. Just go to unicorno cover samsung s3 neo the Phone Settings to change the message options.

Change your screen cover samsung a5 2017 aliexpress orientation while taking a panoramic iphone 6 6s plus hoesje shot

If you’d like to take a good travel picture, these iPhone hidden features are right for you. While taking a landscape shot or trying to capture cover samsung galaxy s6 a scene and you probably want to switch sides (probably turn the left to the right). You can change the screen orientation to accommodate your shots. Just tap the arrow that stabilizes and focuses on cover samsung j5 2017 lakers your images and the sides switched.

Clear Apps Cache to optimize your iPhone performance

If you feel your iPhone is a bit slow in performance, one of the best things to do is to clear app cache. Now, this is one feature most people do not think of applying to optimize their phone performance. You can only speed up your phone performance by going to the Apple store apps, Music app, Game Centre or custodia originale samsung galaxy grand neo plus Podcasts app by tapping any single tab below the launch screen of the phone about ten times.

Keep Bursting Pictures with your iPhone

You would agree with me that one of the best iPhone hidden features is the camera. Never miss any action or any shot detail with your iPhone’s camera multi shots feature. The most exciting part of the iPhone is that you can take following pictures while shooting a video and you still don’t get to miss a second.

To do this, tap the shutter button right next to the button for the video recording. You get to take a rapid shot at the same time you are shooting a video.

Get quick answers custodia samsung galaxy a5 ebay with the Spotlight search

Spotlight search feature can do simple arithmetic without opening your calculator. Just type in what you need to be done in plain English, and it gives you a quick answer.

Fix irregularities in calculations

You’d probably have to start typing your numbers beatles cover samsung over again when using your calculator app since custodia samsung s5 neo amazon pokemon new there is no backspace feature to aid erasing mistakes. Well, this can be easily remedied by swiping right or left of the display, and your last entry deleted.

Make Navigation Easier

Drop down the top layer of your apps to make navigation easier by double tapping your home screen button. The top rows of your apps drop down to the lower level, and access is made more accessible.

Make your messages, and video messages automatically disappear.

One of the best security iPhone hidden features. Sometimes, you probably do not want your cover samsung 7500 messages or video messages sent to remain on your cell phone after other party saw it. Only set your messages to disappear after viewed by going to the Message settings in the Phone settings panel.

Carefully end that unending group texting.

You can quickly leave a group conversation by tapping “Details” and immediately tapping the “Leave this conversation” option.

Reply to texts without unlocking your phone.

Avoid the stress of unlocking your phone when you need to respond to a text. Just swipe to the left, tap the “reply” option and type in your reply.

Track your previous locations with your iPhone

Your iPhone can provide a good alibi whenever needed. Because your iPhone is probably your best companion, it merely keeps track of all your previous locations. So, want to know where you were a few days ago, go to the “Privacy” option in the Settings panel. The Privacy option gives you the “Location Services” option which in turn opens to the “System Services” option which finally gives you “Frequent Locations”…

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