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Scoresby mp denies branch stacking allegations

Scoresby mp denies branch stacking allegations By Ben Taylor, MailOnline A Birmingham MP yesterday denied claims she had committed a serious crime in allowing a branch-stacking investigation to go ahead despite being cleared on multiple counts of breach of the Public Order Act. custodia cover samsung Jilmira Hulme MP was accused by Labour’s former deputy leader Harriet Harman of having a “crack down” on MPs during a meeting in her North Birmingham constituency after she told a Labour candidate that branch stacking, a prac더킹카지노tice whereby MPs are elected using cash donations from union members, was illegal. custodia samsung Labour’s MIM activist Mark Williams, who was arrested when Hulme’s husband-in-law was convicted for attempting to use his seat for illegal donations in 2011, also complained about the MP’s behaviour at the meeting, which came after two Birmingham MP were convicted for giving and receiving large amounts of money to a convicted bank robber who was wanted for questioning by police. custodia cover iphone But a senior member of Hulme’s staff told MailOnline today that “she (Hulme) did not use the word crack down, but she was very clear that she was not accepting donations from members. custodia cover huawei I am sure everyone was aware of that at the time. “Her main complaint at that meeting was she did not want우리카지노 to accept that the money could be spent on illegal activities. iphone hoesje The allegations levelled against her were not true.” Hulme did not attend today’s press conference. custodia cover iphone A senior Labour MP said: “It’s all very well for the government talking about getting rid of abuse cases but they need to have a serious discussion in this Parliament.” Hulme has now been told that her case has been dropped – following the collapse of an earlier hearing – but she will continue to lose her parliamentary expenses entitlement. She was given a suspended sentence after a public apology and further meetings with party colleagues over th바카라e issue.

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